PPC Horrotainment’s first film to go on floors in September


    MUMBAI: Percept Picture Company’s division – PPC Horrotainment will be launching its first film titled 8 in September in association with Glorious Entertainment.

    PPC Horrotainment, which was launched a few months back, will cater to horror films in India. The film 8 is a youth oriented horror film and is about a soul and its incomplete journey.

    The film stars newcomer Sheena Nayar and Sammir Dattani in the lead and is directed by Wilson Louis. Louis has earlier directed two short films namely Me Mumbaikar and I Have A Dream and is presently completing his third film, Kalo The Desert Witch, which is a live animated film produced by Beyond Dream Entertainment.

    Speaking to Businessofcinema.com, Percept Picture Company CEO Navin Shah said, "We choose the title 8 because it is a scary symbol and also signifies a bad omen. We plan to make around 8 to 10 horror films under this banner in the next three years."

    According to Shah the budget for these films will be between Rs 80 – 100 million (Rs 8 to Rs 10 crore), except for a the film titled Grrr…, which is being directed by Priyadarshan. Grrrr will be made in a budget of Rs 250 – 300 million (Rs 25 – 30 crore) since it’s a creature feature and involves special effects.

    Actor Dattani says, "Horror is a genre I have seen and enjoyed a lot. It’s an ideal boy’s night out kind of film. When the director narrated the script I thought it was very fresh and had a lot of potential so I decided to do it."

    Shah also informed that plans are to launch a video game based on the film as well as merchandise like funky fashion accessories.