‘Pradeep Sarkar has an eye for detail which is exquisite’ – Rani Mukherji


    More than a decade back, a promising new face embarked the world of Hindi films with Raja Ki Aayegi Baarat and since then the actoress in question, Rani Mukherjee has had no looking back. In fact her stakes grew higher with each passing film and acting craft sharpened with each critical acclaim.


    Rani, since the time of her debut film, is synonymous with portraying substantial woman-oriented roles, be it Hum Tum, Black, Baabul or Ta Ra Rum Pum. Now with Yash Raj’s Laaga Chunri Mein Daag – A Journey Of A Woman, the firebrand bong actress is geared up to wow her audience once again.


    Rani expresses her delight of being associated with Laaga…, her diverse look in the film and also how she her jovial best with director Pradeep Sarkar.




    What was it about the script of Laaga… that clicked with you?

    The real beauty of the script is that it talks about a strong female character in a slightly unconventional way and also has a bit of grey shades. My character Natasha isn’t ashamed of her decisions and the very fact that the script treats the eldest daughter trying to be the son of the house is something that lot of girls will relate to.


    Just as the promos showcase, you carry two poles-apart look in the film. Can you elaborate?

    In fact there are three distinct looks of mine in the film. I could not have done that without my designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee who I think is an asset to the film. We understand each other’s mindset. He knew bang on what I wanted specifically for the first Benaras look where my character is called Badki. I was in total comfort with my outfits which comprised of a patyala and a short kurti with dupatta. On the other hand, the Natasha look has two different versions. Here the bright red was completely Sabayasachi’s idea, though initially I was hesitant. Now when I see the posters I thank him.


    Any favourite outfit which you would like to sport off-screen too?

    I think Sayasachi’s churidar, which he has given me for the Natasha look. Here are lovely teamed with these strappy kurtas in one colour tone. They look really nice and I would like to wear them personally


    How do you rate the music of Laaga…?

    Like every other actor would be biased towards their film’s music, similar is my case. The album is different, with various songs moving with the storyline. One will not enjoy the song in the audio as much as with the film. I like all the tracks especially the title song. The way Shubha Mudgal has rendered is stunning. Also while shooting this song; Sabyasachi would go mad doing the costumes. I remember how he had laid some fifty shoes and some hundred costumes for that song. We finally used probably four to five and he was quite disappointed. Sabyasachi and I tried pushing a lot of costumes in this song but Dada insisted that we shoot the whole song in just one towel! Sabyasachi was kind of shocked. But my favourite number is ‘hum to aise hai bhaiya’ because that’s the song with which we started the film. It was fun shooting for it.< Page Break >


    Shooting from Benaras to Swiss Alps, how was the transition?

    In the film you will see a beautiful graph where the film starts off in Benaras goes into Bombay then travels to Switzerland and comes back to Benaras. How the characters grow, look , behave and how their life has changed in this cycle, especially for the characters Badki and Chutki (played by Konkana) is depicted in the film. It was fun shooting everywhere, especially our first schedule in this haveli by the Ganga Ghat in Benaras which was so relaxing and soothing. The sunset at the ghats is to die for.  Switzerland has always been one of my favourite destination and I went their for Laaga…after almost six years.


    This is your first film with Pradeep Sarkar. How was the experience?

    Pradeep Sarkar has an eye for detail which is so exquisite that nothing can go unnoticed. He is so particular about the frame, the way his actors look which is really wonderful. He has no hang ups to work with. Dada comes across as a small child, like if he wants something out of us he will go to an extent of even crying! So we treat him like the big teddy bear who we can sometimes bully and have fun with. I love working with him and feel so good. I am always at my jovial best with dada. The whole unit was just so wonderful to work with that my entire experience with Laaga… has been fantastic. I wrapped the film shoot in June and I really miss the unit now.   

    One memorable incident that has stayed with you?

    During the first day of shoot in Benaras I got hurt on my nose because Konkana who was supposed to play with this rattle and that wooden toy just flung on my nose. I got a cut which started bleeding. I feared that it would swell up and look bad and we might not be able to shoot. Luckily a first aid kit came to my rescue.


    Also, as Dada, Konkana, Jayaji and I are all Bengalis, it was like one big Bong unit which just kept on eating. Thank God we said our dialogues in Hindi otherwise it would look like a regional Bengali film.