Prasad EFX does up Sivaji in 4K DI


    MUMBAI: Digital post production studio Prasad EFX has colour graded and digitally post produced the Rajnikanth starrer AVM’s Sivaji: The Boss, in the 4K digital pipeline.

    While 2K resolution for DI is the standard in India, scanning an entire feature film in 4K resolution requires huge computing power, storage space and powerful graphics capability. A single frame scanned in 2K occupies 12 mb space and a 4K image would occupy four times more (48 mb).

    Prasad EFX, taking into consideration the imagery that has been cinematographed by K V Anand for Sivaji, felt that 4K would do justice in enhancing the digital image quality and flexibility in colour grading. AVM approved the higher cost and longer time factor involved in working with the larger resolution images.

    “By routing the entire film through the 4K pipeline for the DI process we can be certain that none of the details available in the celluloid film are lost. Another advantage is that when we can scale up the images during the post and graphics processes the image will not go soft or lead to any artefacts. As a 4K image has larger resolution we can also have unlimited freedom in manipulating the colors during grading,” says Prasad EFX’s Madhu.

    The entire 4K Digital Intermediate process was executed in Prasad EFX’s Chennai facility using high end scanners, film recorders and color grading suites. Prasad EFX, Chennai simultaneously worked on close to 85 per cent of the VFX (Graphics) in Sivaji, also in the 4K resolution. The Tamil version release prints were done at Prasad Film Laboratories.

    Prasad EFX has worked on the DI and colour grading of movies including Krrish and Rang De Basanti and has also upgraded its Digital Intermediate facility in Mumbai by providing a digital theatrical projection system using the high end Barco Projector D-Cine Premiere DP100.