Prasad EFX dolls up Satyam with visual effects


MUMBAI: Digital post production studio Prasad EFX has executed more than 425 VFX shots for the action thriller Satyam (Salute in Telugu).

The VFX for Satyam was supervised by VFX director from Hollywood Craig Mumma, whose work includes Krrish, Independence Day, Godzilla, Stuart Little and Mortal Combat to name a few.

A team of more than 100 VFX specialists from Prasad EFX worked on several shots for this project for over four months. Mumma said, "When I was called upon to do the Satyam project, I understood the high level of creative expectations of the production team. Their benchmark for VFX in this movie was set very high. After my past experience with Prasad EFX and particularly the national award winning Krrish, I had no doubts about where the VFX should be done and Prasad EFX was the natural choice as I was sure that they would deliver excellent results and so did the production team including the star of the film Vishal."

"We also decided to digitally grade the whole film as we wanted the VFX to merge seamlessly and to give us the creative freedom to play with the colours and effects to achieve our desired objectives. When I look back at the final output now I feel the work done by Prasad EFX will set new benchmarks for VFX in India. I am extremely proud of the entire team at Prasad EFX who have consistently delivered high quality work in all my projects," he added.

Prasad EFX also brought in Paul R. Bronkar, a Hollywood colourist who has action films like Rambo, X-Men and Rocky Balboa to his credit to handle the entire digital grading process. Bronkar said, "This is my first movie in India and I am amazed at the equipment and technology available at Prasad EFX, which is equal to Hollywood’s best. The Satyam team wanted a different look for this action packed film, were open to ideas and wanted an international standard digital grading in this movie."

Prasad EFX executive producer Himakumar added, "For Satyam, the Prasad EFX team worked closely with the director and actor Vishal from the planning stage, on-location supervision, till the final output. This film required a lot of creative expertise from the VFX point of view including designing the complete look and style of the VFX in the movie. With the creative supervision of Craig Mumma we knew that this project is going to be most challenging and nothing short of perfection would be acceptable. Some of the great VFX sequences in the movie are the airport and the car chase sequences."

"The airport sequence was splendid and challenging as computer graphics that was created needed to look real in every sense. From the surrounding objects around the airport to the plane, the city, the lights were all created digitally at Prasad EFX. In the car chase sequence the fast moving cars and elements needed to just look perfectly realistic in each frame and the challenge before us was to make the sequence look real and make it impossible for the audience people to make out where the digital objects are. According to me the Satyam really represents that pinnacle of challenges that the production team was willing to take on and make the VFX as great as any Hollywood extravaganza," he said.