Pratik Babbar & Vidya Malavade to perform on International Dance Day

MUMBAI: Pratik Babbar and Vidya Malavade are all set to perform on the International Dance Day, which will take place on 29 April at J W Mariott.


The two will perform to a latin American passionate Cha Cha dance.


"We would keep talking about the different forms of dancing. Like me even Pratik is passionate about dancing. I was shocked to see being a boy the amount of knowledge Pratik has about dance is superb. We would bump into each other at our dance classes, but we were in different batches so never got a chance to dance together. So I was bit apprehensive initially; but now we are like two kids in a candy store trying out different steps and figuring out what looks best. We are having a ball of a time together. Pratik is very charming and really adorable as a dance partner," said Malavade.