Prime Focus delivers Shah Rukh Khan’s Ra.One in stereo 3D

    Shah Rukh Khan in Ra.One
    Mumbai: Prime Focus has delivered the full 3D conversion and DI for Shah Rukh Khan’s Ra.One.
    This superhero action adventure, starring, written and produced by Shah Rukh Khan, squares up against the Hollywood superhero franchises; and with 3D conversions of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 and Transformers: Dark of the Moon on its recent credit list, Prime Focus was the natural choice to offer world-leading 3D conversion and DI services for the film.
    Prime Focus played a pivotal role in the delivery of Ra.One in 3D for the big screen, calling on its huge global resources to deliver both the 2D Digital Intermediate and 3D stereoscopy versions of the film in a challenging timeframe. The company converted over 4,400 shots to 3D for Ra.One’s theatrical release, bringing together 2,600 artists across Prime Focus facilities in India and London and utilizing its proprietary View-D conversion process and Global Digital Pipeline. For the DI, London-based colorist Richard Fearon was called in to provide the grade for the film, with full DI completed at Prime Focus’ state-of-the-art Mainframe facility.
    “Through this film, I wanted to prove that Indian superheroes could be as cool as international ones. And that Indian superhero movies could be just as spectacular as international movies. When Prime Focus showed me the first 3D tests, it was jaw-dropping. The opportunity to bring this new hero to the screen in three dimensions was too good an opportunity to miss,” said Khan.
    “A Shah Rukh Khan movie is always an event, but this Diwali, Ra.One looks set to become the biggest film of the year. We were delighted to be involved with such a high-profile project, and to bring the experience up to the next level by adding the extra dimension. Prime Focus has delivered both the 2D and the 3D versions of this movie, but l – you really haven’t seen this movie until you’ve seen it in 3D. Go and see it – it’ll blow you away,” added Prime Focus India chief creative officer Merzin Tavaria.