Prime Focus works on Hollywood flick


    MUMBAI: Prime Focus’ first full length Hollywood project 28 Weeks Later released last Friday. This is the first release after its acquisition of London facilities. 28 Weeks Later is a sequel to a movie called 28 Days Later. It was released by Fox Atomic on the 11 May 2007.

    “The film’s DI (Digital Intermediate) was handled by Prime Focus London and visual effects were handled between Prime Focus’ India and London facilities. Traditionally, Indian companies have been outsourcing low end cleanup jobs on simple shots for Hollywood releases. This is the first time that a studio of Indian origin has executed high end shots in a big Hollywood release,” informs Prime Focus Ltd creative director Merzin Tavaria.

    Prime Focus delivered the majority of the most complicated shots in the film. A team of about 25 artists in India and about 15 in London collaboratively worked on over 100 visual effects shots in the project. The film’s DI was handled by an additional team of about 15 artists in London.

    “The most complicated sequence was the sequence of the napalm bombing in London city at the night. These were Ariel shots taken from a Helicopter during the day. The shots were converted first to the night and then CG effects of fire, buildings shattering and destruction were added using photo real 3D, particle effects and compositing. Also a lot of photo real props like military vehicles, planes, choppers were added to many of the scenes digitally,” says Tavaria.