Priyadarshan blames Producers for the failure of ‘Tezz’ at the box-office



MUMBAI: Director Priyadarshan says he is deeply ashamed and embarrassed, due to the dull response received by ‘Tezz’ at the box-office.

The failure he feels, is attributable to the shoddy editing, and the fact the control post the shooting was completely taken over by the Producers of the film.

"The producers took over the film from me after I shot it. It was edited by them and the result was there for everyone to see. So many people, including critics, have told me they couldn’t follow the narration in ‘Tezz’ because of the editing. After the way the film has been edited, it had to be rejected. So much of my energy and effort went into ‘Tezz’. It was my first action film and I wanted it to be the perfect action adventure," quoted Priyadarshan to the media.

"Normally, I do all the post-production work, including editing, in Chennai. This time, because we had shot ‘Tezz’ in Mumbai and abroad, I decided to do the post-production in Mumbai. That was a mistake. The producer took over the film from me. I had no authority over how it finally looked,"

What surprises the director the most, is that an Ajay Devgn starrer got such a low opening. Ajay Devgn, who has usually delivered blockbusters in the past has his successful streak interrupted twice by Priyadarshan, first in ‘Aakrosh’ and now in "Tezz’. "I feel bad for Ajay. I don’t know how to face him. I can only tell him I’ll make up to him with a successful film as soon as possible. Ajay trusted me completely. We had earlier worked in ‘Aakrosh’ and hit it off beautifully. He signed ‘Tezz’ because of me. He could’ve done any project but he chose mine instead. And this is what happens! I am deeply ashamed and embarrassed."

Deciding, that history will not repeat itself, Priyadarshan concluded with,"From now, I’ll put it in all my contracts that I won’t show a single frame of my film to my producer until it is completed, edited and full post-production is done. What is the point of fighting over a dead body?"