Priyanka Chopra to sing for ‘Zanjeer’


MUMBAI: She is currently so much into her singing that Priyanka Chopra could well become a professional singer.

A leading filmmaker who has heard portions of the international album that she’s currently working in Los Angeles just can’t stop raving about her singing.

Says the filmmaker, “She sounds better than many of the professional playback singers of today. I’ve never heard any actor sing so beautifully. I want her to sing in my film. But she won’t.

Apparently ever since news leaked out that she sings so beautifully, Priyanka has been flooded with film offers to sing in Bollywood. However she is under contract not to let her voice be heard in any public medium or on any public platform until her album comes out.

The one filmmaker who has got lucky with Priyanka’s voice is Apoorva Lakhia. For his take on the classic action drama ‘Zanjeer’, Priyanka would be singing her first Hindi film song ever. [dropcap][/dropcap] Says a source close to the project, “Apu who has quite an ear for music, he is completely charmed by Priyanka’s singing voice. He is no hurry to record with her. He starts shooting with Priyanka only in October. So he can wait for her to finish her international album and then record his song with her.

The song that Priyanka will sing is yet to be firmed in. There was talk of re-recording one of the songs from the original ‘Zanjeer’ in Priyanka’s voice. However that suggestion was quickly shot down, as Priyanka wanted to sing something original.

She wants her first film song to be as special as her first international album. The song in ‘Zanjeer’ would be something tailored specially for her voice.”

One doesn’t know how the makers of ‘Zanjeer’ convinced her to croon. But Priyanka, we hear would be singing very selectively for films. “She wants to preserve her voice for her private albums,” says a source.