Rahul Bose endorses Tata’s Gateway Gym


Mumbai: Tata Enterprises’ The Gateway Hotel has signed Rahul Bose to endorse their gym- Gateway.

The print ad shows Rahul Bose in a sober and elite look standing upright in the basement car park zone with a luggage trolley. The ad reads, "You are Rahul Bose. To your Indian team mates. You are pygmy. You listen to Kanye West. You have Micro Surgeon on your speed dial. You think life’s more fun than it was in school. One week, you are bathing in the Narmada. The other, you are on a Red carpet in Toronto. You make the most of twenty-four hours. By staying up for Twenty. And sleeping for four. You are Rahul Bose. You are Gateway. Rahul Bose, Actor, makes the most of the 24-hr active studio gym at the Gateway.’

Tata Enterprises had earlier roped in Rahul Bose for their Xylys brand of watches.