Rahul Roy starrer Aashiqon Jalana Buri Baat Hai to release in 123 countries!

Mumbai: The belief in numerology is growing to the hilt. From actors to makers, everyone have starting modifying their names by an extra alphabet or changing them. Here is one creative person Sunil Khosla who has re-christened himself as Suneel Deep Khosla. His latest films – “Aashiqon Jalana Buri Baat Hai” is slated for August 4 release all over.

Aashiqon Jalana Buri Baat Hai is said to be made on a modest budget of Rs.9.9 million. The film stars Rahul Roy and introducing two heroines Riya Sahota and Shraddha in the lead. Speaking about the film, Khosla says, “Watching the movie you will get at the edge of your seat – basically it’s a Musical Romantic Thriller”

With the territories still lying unsold, how will he manage to release the film on the mentioned dates is anybody’s guess. To this he replies, “The negotiations are on. In no time the deal will be finalized. I have planned to release the film in 123 countries with 60 prints and 40,000 digital DVDs in the first batch. You will be surprised to know that I’m making a cool table profit”

In 1988 Khosla made Pyar Ki Lahren. Thereafter he was making music videos for Venus. Tips, Ultra, Pen and other music companies now under the firm ‘Boutique Cinema India’, which has complete post-production facilities under one roof,

He is planning to launch five more films after Aashiqon Jalana Buri Baat Hai.

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