When Parvin Dabas went missing…

Mumbai: Parvin Dabas shares his amazing experience of staying overnight with sadhus after he lost his way while trekking in Manali, where he was shooting for his forthcoming film With Luv Tumhara.

Model turned actor Parvin Dabas, was shooting for the film, With Luv….. Tumhaara, in Manali in which he plays an army official. But Parvin’s passion for photography while shooting for the said film put the entire cast and crew of the movie in a panic situation as he lost his way while trekking.

After he had finished shooting his portions he left for the trek and lost his way back due to bad weather conditions and wandered off only to find he has lost his way.

Parvin says, “I had completed my shoot and went trekking in the mountains in the morning, thinking I would be back in a few hours. Later I realized I had lost my way.” He says “On my way,he found a temple and the sadhus there asked me to stay the night, as the area had wild bears. It was an exciting experience, but I regret keeping the entire unit upset.”

The film’s director Kamal D Nathani, was about to file a police complaint, but decided to avoid chaos in the unit but when he did not return he took the step. Says Nathani. “On the second day, while I was on my way to the police station, I saw Parvin returning with his camera. We spent a sleepless night after he went missing,” says Nathani. But in this ‘missing’ trip, Parvin managed to shoot some amazing pictures of which he might soon have an exhibition as well.

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