Rajeev Khandelwal shoots promotional video for Aamir

Mumbai: Recently, Rajeev Khandalwal was seen shooting a promotional video for his upcoming film Aamir. Though the actor has quit acting on television almost six months back, when he started shooting for the film Aamir, during lunch hour almost 100 women from offices in the vicinity were there to see their favorite star Sujal in real life.

He was shooting for Sufi song Mehfooz, where the makers wanted to capture the character Aamir’s soul traveling in the city through a lot of people in various busy streets in Mumbai.

Contrary to the concept of the video, several times the crowd would get unmanageable and Rajeev would have to come and request his fans to allow them to shoot. Click some group pictures and have a few words and they would get back to shoot.

At one point, Rajeev Khandalwal, attains spiritual flavor and looks at the sky in communion with god. Immediately the crowd breaks into "arre ye to Hritik ke tarah lag raha hai…".