Rajnikanth taken to Singapore for specialized treatment


MUMBAI: Rajnikanth, who has been having some health issues recently, has been taken to Meenambakkam airport from the Sri Ramachandra Medical Center (SRMC) hospital where he boarded a flight to Singapore. Rajnikant’s daughter Soundarya said he was alright and was being taken for further treatment.

The 60-year-old actor, with a persisting kidney problem, was put on dialysis at least five times in the last one week. Hence, his family was keen to take to him to Singapore quickly.

His family had earlier planned to take him to London for further tests and treatment but decided on Singapore as it has equally good medical facilities and is four hours away from Chennai.    

However, hospital sources are tightlipped about the development and are saying very little about the actor’s health, which is leading to a lot of speculation.

Initially, the SRMC doctors maintained that even a normal kidney patient can be put on dialysis as an interventionist therapy to quickly remove the toxins from his/her system. But what is intriguing is why more dialysis was given to the actor.

It was in April-end, on the first day of shooting his latest film Rana that Rajnikant fell ill and was admitted to St Isabella Hospital, where
after initial treatment and subsequent discharge, was admitted again at the SRMC hospital on 13 May, with “acute symptoms of breathlessness and fever.”

“Rajnikant is cheerful, taking his food himself, ambulant and spending time with the family. For the past few days he has been in good spirits watching television,” the SRMC hospital said in a statement.

While doctors are keeping mum, fans and well wishers are praying that Rajnikant should get well quickly and be back on the sets of Rana at the earliest.