Rajshri.com unperturbed; welcomes rivals


    MUMBAI: With new entrants like Bigflicks.com and Indyaondemand.com making their foray into the online movie download service, one would expect the pioneer in this space – Rajshri.com to be in overhaul mode.


    On the contrary, Rajshri Media managing director Rajjat Barjatya sounded rather unperturbed. Speaking to Businessofcinema.com Barjatya says, “I had a look at Bigflicks.com a couple of days ago. It is nice to know that more and more players are stepping up in this space. It will make more audiences aware of the online video eco system. Other players may have the advantage of capital and resources but we have the advantage of a nine-month lead and experience in this space.”


    Rajshri.com was launched last year in November with the simultaneous release of Vivah in theatres and on the web – a first of sorts. The current content on Rajshri.com includes a wide range of 300 movies, 1300 film songs, music videos and concerts, 34 different types of TV shows, various other programs from television channels like NDTV, Times Now, Zee and Zoom, short humorous clips, astrology and trivia.


    “While the current content will remain on the site, we were clear from the start that our focus will be on creating original content. We will soon roll out a 90 episode sitcom series, which has been created in house by us,” Barjatya informs.


    On the other hand, content on Indyaondemand.com includes two movies Fear and Blue Umbrella, music videos and a range of Star Plus ad Star One soaps, astrology and cricket.


    Various movies like Bluffmaster, Taxi No.9211, Fear, Rang De Basanti, Chup Chup Ke, Khosla Ka Ghosla, Hattrick, Blue Umbrella, Metro, Mixed Doubles and Bheja Fry are available on Rajshri.com and Bigflicks.com now. The pricing of these movies is also in the same range of $4.99 to $9.99 and $14.99 for premium content.


    “Some content on the site is exclusive while some is not. We have no issues with other sites showing the same movies as ours. Moreover, we do not mind collaborating with producers and other sites on this front. We are not expecting to hold exclusive rights to content.”


    What’s more, Barjatya is even open to screen Rajshri’s own repertoire of movies on other portals offering the service.


    However, he is of the opinion that with the coming in of more players, the price points will not see a dramatic change as the industry is still in its nascent stages.


    When queried as to whether Rajshri would be looking at pumping up their marketing and promotional activities as competition steps in, Barjatya says, “We are not looking to marketing and advertising activities in the immediate future. We would rather invest in content creation,” he says.


    While more and more players will keep plunging into this arena nationally and internationally, legally and through pirated means, it is the user experience that will determine the success of any such portal.


    Just like the audience will choose whether to watch a movie at a particular multiplex, so will it decide whether to see a particular movie on any of these portals.


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