Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra to make a sequel to Rang De Basanti?

    MUMBAI: Campaigns against corruption and silent protests against injustice are prevalent in present day India, thanks to Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra’s Rang De Basanti, which triggered off the whole culture of peace marches and candle-lit vigilance against corruption.
    Now five years later when corruption is even more rampant than it was when RDB was released there are very loud whispers about a sequel finally happening.
    A reliable source tells Businessofcinema.com, “Rakeysh himself is not that keen on a sequel. But the entire cast and crew keep bringing it up all the time. Yes, the protagonists died at the end of RDB. But they all feel that the cause, the theme, the passion and the junoon that the characters represented can well be revived.”
    There are two streams of thought about the sequel to RDB. According to the cast and crew of the 2006 historic hit the story should be carried forward with the same team. But creative heads around Mehra feel he should make Rang De Basanti 2 with a totally fresh sets of actors.
    Says the source, “Mehra’s creative team wants to see the Rang De Basanti title being carried forward as an anti-corruption franchise. But he isn’t sure.”
    We quizzed on the possibility the director on the possibility of a RDB sequel and Mehra admitted there is pressure from those close to the team to carry forward the RDB flagship.
    “But I am not too sure,” Mehra tells Businessofcinema.com. “I said what I had to in Rang De Basanti. Yes, the issues of corruption and the absence of integrity in today’s working-class will always accentuate my films no matter what I make. In fact my Milkha Singh bio-pic Bhaag Milkha  Bhaag is about the spirit of nationalism and the struggle to remain true to the conscience. Today’s kids live in the era of Gucci shoes. Milkha’s parents couldn’t afford a pair of shoes for him He only had legs to run with, no shoes. His rise from abject poverty to international acclaim as a sportsman is an inspiring story,” he adds.
    As for a direct sequel to Rang De Basanti, Mehra doesn’t rule out the possibility. “It is to this day the film that I am recognized by. The impact was tremendous. And I’d like to continue the struggle against corruption through another film.”