Ram Charan-Upasana honeymoon at Salvatore Ferragamo’s ranch

Ram charan teja with upasana
MUMBAI: Newly married couple, actor Ram Charan Teja and his bride Kamineni Upasana, have had a short three-day, but delightful honeymoon at designer Salvatore Ferragamo’s ranch in Florence, Italy.
The southern star, son of actor-turned-politician K. Chiranjeevi, tied the knot with his long-time girlfriend Upasana, grand-daughter of Pratap C. Reddy, chairman and co-founder of Apollo Hospitals, June 14 and took off for Italy June 17.
Their original plan was to have a quick honeymoon in India since Ram Charan needed to return to work next week, but when they received an offer from the Ferragamo family, they couldn’t resist.
"We’ve been invited here by Salvatore’s family to their ranch outside Florence. It’s a 200-acre farm with only five villas for guests," Ram Charan said from Italy.
He says it has served their requirement of a peaceful honeymoon.
"It’s very quiet here. The only entertainment we have is horse riding, wine-tasting in vineyards and trekking in their awesomely huge ranch. Upasana and I are in a state of bliss," he added.
If grapevine is to be believed, Ram Charan wanted to put off the honeymoon for later when there would be more time for the couple to take off, but Upasana was keen to go on it immediately.
Nevertheless, the couple is enjoying themselves.
"At the moment I’ve managed a 3-day break. So I’m spending time with my wife in Italy. We’ve also visited the St Peter’s Church in Vatican City. Just three days earlier we were at Tirupati. The spiritual journey of our wedding seems complete," said the actor, who will be seen in the remake of 1973 classic "Zanjeer".