Jackie Shroff to play Aamir Khan’s mentor in ‘Dhoom 3’

Jackie Shroff
MUMBAI: In real life Aamir Khan has been ‘mentoring’ Jackie Shroff’s son Tiger. But on screen we will see Aamir’s character being ‘mentored’ by Jackie in Yashraj’s ‘Dhoom 3’.
Ironically Jackie who is very fond of Aamir in real life, has no scenes with Aamir, although they play Guru-Chela in ‘Dhoom 3’ and although the two are extremely fond of one another from the time they did ‘Rangeela’ together.
Jackie’s role, reliable sources tell us, ends where Aamir’s begins. Says the source, “Jackie plays the childhood Aamir Khan’s guru and mentor. So all of Jackie’s scenes are with the child actor who plays the young Aamir.”
Apparently the producers have found a boy who’s a dead-ringer for Aamir. The child actor, says a source, not only looks like Aamir he also conveys the same gravity in his personality.
Ironically Aamir doesn’t play a serious character in ‘Dhoom 3’. Says our source, “He is a guy who loves masti. He is always up to some trick or the other. Jackie and the child will recreate the bonding that Jackie shared with Master Makarand in Mahesh Bhatt’s ‘Kaash’. And no, Jackie doesn’t need to get into better physical shape. He’s playing the child Aamir’s mentor, not his physical trainer.”