Reliance Globalcom delivers films over fiber to US screens


    MUMBAI: Adlabs Films will be using Reliance Globalcom’s global network to transfer digitized movies to screens in the US.

    Reliance Globalcom’s privately owned global fiber-optic network has enabled Adlabs to move its content more efficiently, dramatically reducing delivery times by 50-90 per cent while securing the encrypted content during the transport process.

    Reliance Globalcom will be supporting Adlabs’ plans to expand to 166 digital screens in the US in the coming months.

    "Reliance Globalcom’s global network acts as an international digital artery that allows Adlabs to offer content and media services globally. With Reliance Globalcom’s extensive fiber assets, multi-metro connectivity and service assurance, we have the agility to serve the industry by moving film and media assets quickly and securely anywhere in the world. This means more movies and HD content like broadcasts of national sporting events and ceremonies can reach the big screen faster, more efficiently and in more locations around the world," Adlabs Films CEO Anil Arjun.

    Adlabs has distributed many films over Reliance Globalcom’s fiber network, including Ghajini, Luck by Chance and Delhi 6. The films were all mastered in the DCI-approved 2K format in Mumbai by Adlabs Digital Cinema, sent over OFC to New York and screened in Adlabs’ BIG Cinemas digital cinemas in New Jersey and California.

    In comparison to the industry’s traditional method for delivering digitized films (i.e., physical shipments via a courier system), Adlabs preferred Reliance Globalcom’s global infrastructure for various benefits:

    * Time-to-Market / Time-to-Revenue: Transport time to a digital cinema is reduced by as much as 1.5 days for a full-length feature film.
    * Content Security: The fiber network reduces the opportunity for piracy. Physical shipments that pass through multiple middlemen during the transport process may be subject to duplication or theft. Reliance Globalcom’s network supports technologies for digital encryption and content protection.
    * Massive Bandwidth Allocations: Reliance Globalcom’s network provides the capacity to support the transport of large volumes of content simultaneously, including files as large as 2-3 terabytes, in full-resolution mode.
    * Simplified Transport Logistics: Transferring content over OFC eliminates all types of transport and shipping intermediaries, as well as delays incurred by weather, customs agencies, couriers and airline carriers.
    * Programming Flexibility: Adlabs can synchronize US release with a film’s Indian release date and time to capitalize on homeland publicity campaigns and audience buzz.

    The company can also simultaneously release digital films in multiple regional languages, thereby catering to Indian audiences abroad.

    "Reliance Globalcom’s network infrastructure is ideal for Hollywood studios, production houses, effects companies and broadcasters that require a high-speed network with the security and availability to move files that are often as large as 2-3 terabytes in full-resolution mode," added Reliance Globalcom president Americas region Ted Raffetto.

    Reliance Globalcom network touches markets like the US, Europe, India, the Middle East and Asia Pacific regions.