Review: Blood Money

Blood Money
Director Vishal Mahadkar’s tackles issues of greed, corruption, ambition and the victory of the conscience in this Kunal Khemu, Amrita Puri starrer. Khemu plays Kunal Kadam, a Mumbai boy who has juggled two jobs in order to fund his MBA and be with his girlfriend Arzoo (Amrita Puri). When Kunal lands a seemingly enviable job trading at Trinity Diamonds in South Africa, he takes his new bride Arzoo and they relocate to Cape Town where they begin acquainting themselves with their new affluent status.

Demonstrating his abilities and street smarts early by cracking some big deals, Kunal soon becomes the owner Zaveri’s (Manish Chaudhary) pet who, leaning on a cliché, describes Kunal as a ‘diamond in the rough’. Kunal loves the thrill of high deals, high rolling numbers and his rapid rise up the ladder of success. Little does he know that the owners of Trinity are playing a dangerous game of chess in which he is but a pawn.

In the meanwhile, Arzoo is lonely and worried that their lives might be like children’s tale of Hansel and Gretel where the candy house is occupied by a witch. In this case the witch is Zaveri and Kunal is the innocent, though misled youth. Kunal chooses to become a part of Zaveri’s illegal businesses at the risk of jeopardizing his marriage. Fortunately his conscience awakes before all is lost.

Khemu is the glue that binds this otherwise predictable and poorly executed film. His performance is sincere and believable. However the same cannot be said for Manish Chaudhari who over does his scenes and is so busy trying to be unblinkingly menacing that one might think he mistook Blood Money for a supernatural thriller! Amrita Puri’s inexperience shows, especially in her child-like speech and in scenes where the director has clearly not given her enough guidance. However she does have her moments.

Unimaginative editing, overwritten scenes, uninspired direction, an over-enthusiastic background score and forgettable songs, only add to the hackneyed story. After Murder 2, Jism 2, Jannat 2, Raaz 3, hopefully this is one film the Bhatts won’t make a sequel to.

Rating: **