Review: Ishaqzaade

Set in a small town in North India, the story revolves around two political rival families. Parma (Arjun Kapoor) is the young hot-blooded no-good youngest boy in the Chauhan family while Zoya (Parineeti Chopra) is the apple of the eye of the Qureishi household. The obvious community difference is also the primary divisive element during the local elections being contested by Chauhan and Qureishi seniors.

In this milieu, where a Hindu-Muslim union can set off a local war, Parma and Zoya fall in love. But betrayal tears their world apart leaving them with little choice and few options in life. Familiar with the story of Romeo & Juliet, then you know where this story is heading.

Habib Faisal, who made the endearing Do Dooni Char, creates a credible small town and peoples it with believable characters. He then uses his camera, music, songs and editing to good effect to add mood and passion to the story of young, doomed love.

Though Ishaqzaade is seen as Arjun Kapoor’s launch film, the winner is Parineeti Chopra. She surprises you with her confidence and grasp of her character. Kapoor is passable but is yet to show an original spark. Fortunately the lead pair shares the requisite chemistry and the director controls the slightly loose script to the best of his ability, which makes Ishaqzaade your best bet at the movies this weekend.

Rating: ***