Review: Dangerous Ishhq

Dangerous Ishhq
Karisma Kapoor makes her comeback to the big screen as the lead actress in Vikram Bhatt’s mystery movie. She plays model Sanjana Saxena who finds that past life regression helps her solve the kidnapping of her lover Rohan (Rajneish Duggal). As she regresses further and further into her past lives, she unearths more and more clues about the perpetrator of the crime and comes closer to saving Rohan.

It turns out that Sanjana and Rohan’s love story dates as far back as 1535, but events of that time have ramifications even in present day. The journey back into the past gives Karisma a canvas to play a Rajasthani queen’s companion, Daulatabad girl Salma whose lover goes off to war, and Geeta whose love story is cut short by the Partition.

Jimmy Shergill plays ACP Bhargav in charge of Rohan’s kidnapping case. Ruslaan Mumtaz plays Rohan’s younger brother and there are cameos by Arya Babbar, Ravi Kisshen and Gracy Singh (as Mirabai). The supporting cast seems quite aware that they are there merely to pad out proceedings while all attention will firmly be on Karisma, all except Divya Dutta who tries hard to convince us that she is the sensitive best friend but fails to do so.

Dangerous Ishhq is touted as a 3D film but that is a total waste because there are only about three scenes that have semblance of 3D effects. Bhatt brings his brand of drama to the film and the story had potential to score, but the tackiness that permeates it is its undoing. Silly dialogue, caricatured characters and actors who appear to be doing whatever they please are just some additional problems.

As for Karisma Kapoor, you cannot help but feel it might have been better if she had stuck to magazine covers and TV ads because while Hindi cinema has moved on, she still has not caught with the new grammar.

Throughout you hope this will be one of those films that’s so bad, it’s actually good. But Dangerous Ishhq is not even that. It’s simply a thrill-less, muddled mess.

Rating: *1/2