Priyanka Chopra’s Latest Video ‘Exotic’ Rides High On Desi Charm!


MUMBAI: Priyanka Chopra is one hell of a rockstar. She’s proved this time and again, with her choice of roles in Bollywood films, and with her latest passion- her international singing career soaring, there seems to be no stopping this hot-stepper.


The video of her latest single ‘Exotic’ featuring Pitbull has just hit the internet waves, and needless to say, has caused quite a bit of a stir.

The video begins with Priyanka emerging from the ocean, oozing dollops of sex appeal, dressed in a salmon pink swimsuit. She’s done this before, in ‘Dostana’, where she donned a gold swimsuit to show off her killer curves, but this time Priyanka looks sexier than ever before.

Priyanka had earlier said, of the video for ‘Exotic’: “I truly believe that the world is ready for some desi masala!” and she’s given us just that. The video boasts of desi beats and that intriguing refrain with Hindi lyrics; and some exciting style statements courtesy Priyanka’s varied looks: a pink swimsuit, a black and neon green bikini combo for the beach, a black leather ensemble, a crystal-studded nude dress, and finally, a pair of gold leather jeans with a navy bustier. Smoking hot!

Priyanka candidly revealed about the making of the super sexy video recently: “I recorded ‘Exotic’ in Ibiza with musical genius and visionary RedOne and none other than Mr. Worldwide aka Pitbull. Together they helped me create a hot and sexy summer anthem that I am so proud of!”

Elaborating further on the decision to add some desi steps in the video, Priyanka excitedly exclaimed, “I think it adds a whole new dimension to the song. I’ve also added some Indian-inspired thumkas (dance moves) into the choreography and some cool elements into the styling. I truly believe that the world is ready for some desi masala.”

“I’m hotter than the tropics,” she croons, while Pitbull raps in his signature style. Yes, Priyanka, you definitely are! Hotter than the tropics, and so EXOTIC!