Rs. 30 million scam… Gafla

Mumbai: Producer-director Sameer Hanchate’s debut film Gafla is a hard-hitting film inspired by the much-publicised scam in the Indian Stock market and financial market. “It is the story of a humble middle class man. Rags to riches story who dreams to make it big someday. He enters the stock market and his adventures in life begin. He is learning and goofing up and in due course encounters a big crash. Unfazed he strikes back again with a sense of dare devilry and fearlessness,” says Sameer.

Sameer, an erstwhile assistant to Subhash Ghai had done a lot of research at Wall Street before embarking on this Rs. 30 million film . What inspired Sameer to deal with such a subject? “Firstly, the subject has never been attempted in Bollywood and secondly, the working of our stock market which is far different from any part of the world. It has a unique identity and is a brand of its own. Thirdly, the ambitions of the urban youth are changing. They have more dreams and goals now. Their values and principles in life are changing. The film tries to examine the issues of ethics and morality in this Machiavellian world. We are victims and initiators of scams all our lives” adds Sameer.

His film does not have big names nor does it boast of a bigger starcast but Sameer has no qualms about it. “I tried getting a bigger starcast but as a newcomer it didn’t work out. I wanted to make a film and I have been blessed by an on some cast who are well trained theatre and TV actors. I hardly had to direct them as they were so good,” says Sameer. “I have attempted a fictional film which has human emotions. It is not a period film. The film will deal with stock market when computers were not in India. Sop my films ends when stock market dealing started going online” adds Sameer.

The film stars Vinod Sherawat, Shruti Ulfat and Purva Parag in lead roles. It has music by Kartik Shah. “We have two songs one at the opening of the film and one at the end which has been added as a commercial interest” says Sameer.

Sameer is aiming his film for the multiplex audiences. Sources state that talks are on for a tie-up with a big corporate house for a handsome price.

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