Sab TV to air Subhash Ghai’s Krodhi


MUMBAI: This is one of the popular films of Subhash Ghai that would be aired on Sab TV on 11 July at 11 am.

Krodhi, which stars Dharmendra, Shashi Kapoor and Zeenat Aman, is a compelling tale of revenge and love.

Unaware of his parents, Vikramjit Singh alias Vicky (Dharmendra) grows up amidst hatred. The only affection he receives is from the local school-teacher, Shakarbaba, and a young girl named Aarti. Vicky educates himself by reading all possible books. He keeps in touch with Aarti, and they grow up in love with each other.

On the day Vicky decides to propose for marriage to Aarti, she is sold by her lecherous uncle for a few thousand rupees to a group of men who attempt to rape her, but she kills herself. Enraged by this, Vicky hunts down her uncle and her molesters and kills them. Vicky’s anger prompts him to more daredevil deeds and he ends up becoming the ultimate underworld don with a private army of his own.

Then one of his associates, Neera (Zeenat Aman), gets married to CBI Officer Kumar Sahni (Shashi Kapoor), Vicky is on the run and believed to be dead. Years later Neera comes to visit her in-laws in a small town and is introduced to a kind and saintly person with special powers for healing named Shradhanand.

She is shocked to find that Shradhanand is none other than Vicky. Now Vicky will have to decide to run again, or kill this only witness, and continue living without any trouble for the rest of his life.