The Mummy Returns on Star Movies


MUMBAI: Star Movies will air The Mummy Returns on 15 July at 9 pm.

The film is directed by Stephen Sommers and stars Brenden Fraser, Rachel Waisz and John Hannah.

Another legend. Another monster. Another quest for the world. The Scorpion King, a legendary warrior who sold his soul to Anubis was erased from record in the ancient kingdom. His existence was lost to the sands, preserved only in mythology. But there is truth to the myth. In the desert of Ahm Shere, in a golden pyramid, sleeps the Scorpion King. And he, or whosoever may kill him, may command the demonic and undefeatable Army of Anubis.

Ten years after the cursed high-priest Imhotep was resurrected and defeated by Rick O’Connell (Brenden Fraser) and Evelyn (Rachel Waisz) and Jonathon Carnahan (John Hannah), he is resurrected once again by a mysterious woman Meela armed with the knowledge of centuries. Together, Imhotep and Meela have one goal: Defeat the Scorpion King and use his army to destroy mankind. Meanwhile, Rick and his wife, Evelyn, are busy raising their son, Alex.

On the Egyptian New Year, Evie begins having dreams about ancient Egypt, which lead her straight to the Bracelet of Anubis. Meela’s henchmem come for it, but Ardeth Bey appears as well. Ardeth explains the legend, the mythos, and the problem. Now it becomes a race against time to get to Ahm Shere. Will Rick defeat the Scorpion King and send the Army back to the underworld? Or will Imhotep do so and rule the world? Or worse… Is the Scorpion King so powerful that he cannot be defeated, and he himself will raise the Army for global victory?