Salman is with us till Sarabjeet is released: Sister

Salman Khan
MUMBAI: Dalbir Kaur, sister of Sarabjeet Singh, who is on the death row in Pakistan, is confident that Bollywood actor Salman Khan’s initiative will help in the release of her younger brother.
"I felt really good after talking to Salman Khan. Today we are having a press conference at Raza Murad’s residence at 2 in the afternoon," said Dalbir Kaur
"I came yesterday (Sunday) morning and met Salman Khan yesterday itself. I am sure Salman’s initiative will help in release of Sarabjeet."
The 46-year-old star launched an online petition Friday for Sarabjeet Singh, who had been on death row in Lahore jail since 1990. 
Dalbir claims Salman is very serious about the issue.
"I am so glad that Salman Khan has taken an initiative on Sarbajeet’s issue. Salman is quite serious about this issue. He is not just tweeting, but he is with us until Sarbajit is not released. It’s not that he is just tweeting and leaving the issue unsorted."
Sarabjeet’s family met External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna in the capital and was assured of all government efforts to obtain his release from a Pakistani prison.
Salman posted a message on his Twitter page Friday, appealing to people of Pakistan and wrote: "Requesting the people of Pakistan to support me to help free Sarabjeet who has been in prison since 30 yrs. Please..Allah ka vasta. It would be the most amazing gesture, to send Sarabjeet back to his family after 30 years. Hope you support me like it’s your own cause. B apart of 1 family`s happiness. Wanted to tweet this for the longest time, saw a pic of Sarabjeet’s sister, it killed me. Felt really sad for her," Salman wrote. 
"Help me, help her. It’s a personal request to all of u in Pakistan to send Sarabjeet back to his family in Punjab. Hope you find it in your hearts to help and to people from all over the world. Thanks for your support. Am planning an online petition (sic)," Salman added.
On saturday, he started an online petition urging people to sign it. He plans to give it to the Pakistan government in a bid to free Sarabjeet.