Salman Khan shoots another commercial with Sohail


MUMBAI: One would have thought that after the pathetic response to their last commercial, the two brothers would have reservations shooting together to sell products. But when it is Salman Khan and Sohail Khan, one cannot take anything for granted. The duo shot for a tempo recently.


Salman’s close friend tells, "Bhai and Sohail shot together for a commercial. The ad script demanded a cool dude look with that of a rough and tough image and nobody personifies those traits better than Bhai. As the script also demanded Sohail to be part of the advertisement, he was roped in."


After the disastrous ad of Chloromint when the two brothers, dressed as overgrown school boys, was trashed by ad gurus, one presumed that an ad film featuring the two brothers would not be made in a jiffy. But within a span of six months, they are back.


However his friend as an explanation, says, "This ad is much better than the previous one. Plus Salman will always do anything for his family."


The ad will be released soon.