Salman Khan’s composer proteges vying for same space in Sher Khan


Mumbai: It isn’t easy being the master of destinies. As if one musician-turned-actor Himesh Reshammiya was not enough of an issue to resolve for, now Salman Khan has two musicians in his mammoth durbar trying to catch his attention for acting roles.

Himesh started as composer for Salman’s films and graduated to playing a leading man in films that were designed to accentuate Himesh’s potential as a singing star. Now that he’s back into Salman’s fold, we hear there’re attempts to tap his yearnings as an actor. Himesh might be cast in a major role in Salman Khan’s home-production Sher Khan, which Sohail Khan is directing.

Himesh denies any plans of acting in any film of Salman. But the whispers that Salman would accommodate Himesh’s acting aspirations along with his compositions into the Khans’ home productions is growing.

A source tells, “Sher Khan is being designed as a film for Salman’s young fans. Himesh too is  liked by kids. He is being seriously considered for the part of Salman’s friend in Sher Khan.”

However, there’s one hitch. There’s the other composer-protege of Salman with acting aspirations. He is Sajid, one-half of the Sajid-Wajid duo. Sajid nurses ambitions of being an actor and has already featured in his mentor Salman’s film Wanted as one of his three sidekicks.

Interestingly Sajid sported a cap like Himesh did in 2006-2007 throughout Wanted. An indication of the space that Sajid would like to occupy?

Sajid is open to more acting projects and is in fact looking forward to a role in Sher Khan.

Says the composer, “If I get the chance to act alongside Salman bhai, why not? My brother and I are passionate about music. But I also enjoy acting. Yes, I played Salman bhai’s friend in Wanted. And if I get a chance again I’ll most certainly grab it. As for being in Sher Khan, it’s too early to say.”

With both Himesh and Sajid vying to be composer-actors in Salman Khan’s camp the rivalry between the two factions is only going to toughen. May the best musician win.