Sandiip Kapur slaps legal notice to Naughty at Forty

    MUMBAI: Co-producer of the Govinda starrer Naughty at Forty, Sandiip Kapur, has sent a legal notice to second producer Anuj Sharma, stopping him from releasing the film under any name or even selling the music rights unless all legal disputes are resolved and dues paid to him.

    According to Kapur, who had earlier produced Manoj Bajpayee starrer Jugaad, “We entered into the film as co-producers with Anuj Sharma but to our amazement we were never credited on the clap board etc in London nor a joint account opened. In fact few other points, which were the do’s of the contract entered between Anuj and me, were not honored by Anuj. Still I continued giving money because I believed in the latter and spirit of the contract entered between me and Anuj. But when we learnt that he had not even paid money to many other assistants, we moved court. The court awarded 9 months from 2nd Feb 2010 to pay us the money but neither did he nor his lawyer appear in the court and so the court awarded a decision in our favor, making Anuj Sharma ex-party. Now no deal in reference to the above mentioned film can be made without our approval or otherwise the deal would be null and void.”

    The film Naughty at Forty is an adult comedy directed by Jag Mohan Mundra.