Sanjay Dutt at the risk of losing home over movie fees

    MUMBAI: Actor Sanjay Dutt’s house could soon be sealed as per orders passed by the Mumbai high court. The Mumbai high court has ordered attachment of Dutt’s residential flat in Imperial Heights at Pali Hill in order to recover amount of Rs 2.03 crores to be paid by the actor to producer Shakeel Noorani under an Indian Motion Pictures Producers’ Association (IMPPA).

    Noorani has claimed Rs 20.3 million (Rs 2.03 crore) from the actor, which includes Rs 50 lakhs paid to him as signing amount for an under-production film Jaan Ki Baazi. Dutt’s office at Mayfair Melody too figures in the list of attachments.

    The actor has an option to pay the money claimed by the producer within 30 days or else his properties would be auctioned. He can challenge this order in High Court. The attachment notice has been pasted outside Dutt’s flat no. 1101 in Imperial Heights.

    In October, 2001, Noorani Film Corporation had begun shooting of a film Jaan Ki Baazi, in which Dutt was playing the lead role. However, the film could not be completed beyond 50 per cent, as the actor refused to co-operate and give any dates despite receiving Rs 50 lakhs as signing amount. A year later, Noorani moved IMPPA seeking refund of the signing amount and additional amount of Rs 15.30 million (Rs 1.53 crore), which he had incurred on shooting of the incomplete film.

    In case of financial disputes of this nature, there is an agreement between Cine Artists Association and IMPPA, which provides for arbitration.