Sanskrit documentary on ancient Indian art

MUMBAI: The 2000 year old Indian art of Avdhana, which mentions the Kamasutra of Vatsyayana and has its roots in the eight-fold Vedic recitation, will now be captured in a documentary to be made in Sanskrit.

Abhinaya Bharati, a voluntary organisation promoting art, literature and culture will make this art into a documentary. Avadhana means attention or concentration in Sanskrit.

The Avadhani is a versatile scholar, well versed in many branches of learning; viz; Dhara, Dharana and Dhairya – the ability to create instantaneously. The scholarly sport is played between an avadhani, the main performer and prucchakas, the questioners. What follows is an educative debate which has something for everyone. What is crucial is the alertness and presence of mind, as the entire discourse is extempore.

Shatavadhani Dr R Ganesh will be the main performer in this film, which will have 600 performance and will be made available on CDs, which will be subtitled in English.

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