Spidey director Sam Raimi eyes The Hobbit

MUMBAI: Spider-Man director Sam Raimi is seriously thinking about making a feature film based on The Hobbit, reports www.Hollywood.tv founder Sheeraz Hasan.

The possibility of Raimi directing The Hobbit has surfaced with the falling out between Peter Jackson and New Line chairman Bob Shaye, which left the Lord of the Rings prequel without a director, a fate Spider-Man 4 could face if Raimi takes the job.

Raimi has already gone on record, saying that “Peter Jackson might be the best filmmaker on the planet right now. But, um, I don’t know what’s going to happen next for me right now. First and foremost, those are Peter Jackson and Bob Shaye’s films. If Peter didn’t want to do it, and Bob wanted me to do it — and they were both okay with me picking up the reins — that would be great. I love the book. It’s maybe a more kid-friendly story than the others.”

If Raimi takes up The Hobbit, it would mean that Columbia is faced with the choice of either pushing back its production schedule for Spider-Man 4 or finding themselves a new director.

Meanwhile, Sony’s president of production Matt Tolmach, says he is keeping his fingers crossed, reports Hasan. “Listen, we’re making Spider-Man 4. Our hope, dream, and intention is to do it with Sam,” he said. “But I don’t have a crystal ball.”

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