Sathyam chooses Qube for Chennai multiplex


MUMBAI: Sathyam Cinemas’ Chennai multiplex has installed the Qube XP-D digital cinema server in all its six screens, making the complex completely digital with DCI compliant systems.

With every screen at this location installed with the Qube XP-D DCI compliant server, Sathyam Cinemas can be now seen as the first cinema complex in Asia to be fully digital with DCI compliant equipment.

Qube provides end-to-end solutions for digital cinema and the Qube XP-D server is built to conform to the requirements of the DCI Specification, says the company.

Sathyam Cinemas managing director Kiran Reddy says, “Just as every screen at Sathyam’s flagship location at Chennai is installed with DCI compliant servers and projectors today, we have decided that every one of our new builds will also be thus equipped; and that film projectors will be installed in just a few screens.”