Shabana Azmi celebrates her 60th birthday


MUMBAI:Actress Shabana Azmi brought in her 60th birthday on the night of 17 September, after the premier of her play Seven, the documentary play which was based on interviews with seven real life women.

In the play, Azmi played the character which was played by actress Meryl Streep when it was staged in US.

Inspite of turning sixty, she seems to be most unlikely to retire. She says, "I will never retire. If all the directors and producers in the world decide not to cast me, I might be an out of work actor but I will never willingly give up acting. It’s my identity."

Azmi also says that she does not aspire to be fifty, and she is very happy with being sixty. “As long as you embrace your age, and embrace whatever life has given you, the good along with the bad, only then can you count to be more than just the sum total of your parts. I think that’s very important, and in order to do that you have to embrace your age, and understand that there are certain things you will not be able to do, but there is a lot more. I’m very happy being 60 because there is a lot of space today, for 60 and above," she adds.

Besides her plays and films she is also planning to write an autobiography.

Turing sixty has been eventful for Azmi who brought in her birthday first with her friends in Delhi and then flew into Mumbai for another party to celebrate her birthday with her family and friends.