Shah Rukh Khan launches special edition Ra.One deodorants

MUMBAI: Actor Shah Rukh Khan made an impressive dramatic entry at the launch of G.One deodorant spray partnered with Cinthol.

“When you want to smell like a superhero and have the confidence, please use this special Cinthol deodorant,” said Khan at the press conference.

Reminiscing his days with Cinthol, Khan said that he started his career with Cinthol itself. “I got to actually earn some money and furnish my house with Cinthol,” informed Khan.

The deodorant being all about the confidence, Khan confessed that he is not always confident, but as a public figure he has to leave all the troubles behind at home. “When I go home there are evenings when I’m very bogged down by work, and I’m nervous, worried and sometimes very lost too,” he said.

He mentions Ranbir Kapoor as one of the confident youngsters in the film industry and opined that the education system has been the reason behind the confidence in most of the younger lot in the industry today.

Talking of his movie, he is 100% confident in the crux of the film and that it is meant to entertain families. According to Khan, what makes Amitabh Bachchan confident is not only his acting, good looks and voice but his intellect. “Like the fragrance of Cinthol, he carries the fragrance of education around him,” he explained.

Comparing his character G.One to other superheroes, he was of the opinion that G.One is not any different from any other superheroes when it comes to what he can do, but he is a contemporary hero created by electricity unlike Krrish who is a human being and is injected with extra territorial powers.

Speaking about working with Rajnikanth on Ra.One Khan says, “It felt like the movie has got completed now.”

Speaking about which brand he would partner with next for his movie, he said that if his movies are worth it, then a brand will want to partner with the film. “I don’t choose the brand but if I get an opportunity to work with a company, like one of the most respected companies like Godrej, one feels very nice that you have been chosen for it,” he stated.