Shah Rukh Khan’s Angels miss chance to cheer KKR


MUMBAI: Shah Rukh Khan’s cheerleaders, who were found after a nationwide contest – Knights & Angels on NDTV Imagine, may have not been seen at the Kolkata Knight Riders match against the Deccan Chargers in Cape Town on Sunday, but they were very much present at all the important functions of the Indian Premier League in South Africa.

King Khan flew out his Angels irrespective of the fact that they could not participate in this edition of the IPL as the cheerleaders of all the teams are being centrally provided by the organizers. They witnessed the grand spectacle of the opening ceremony after being a part of the two kilometer carnival, two days prior to the start of the IPL.

And now news is that the girls are going to be part of the advertising campaign to promote Kolkata Knight Riders. An appliance company will be using photographs of the girls as part of the co-branded promotion.

And as for the Angels, they may have missed out on the big occasion this year, but with promises of the IPL returning to India next year, these girls will still get their opportunity to swing and dance in front of KKR fans.