Shahid avoids public appearances to hide Kaminay look


Mumbai: Shahid Kapoor will refrain from making any kind of public appearances so as not to reveal his character’s look in Vishal Bharadwaj’s Kaminay.

"Bharadwaj and he had detailed talk about his character and after lengthy discussion finally created and settled for a rough and tough looks revealed a source. "Kapoor has decided not to make public appearances till the promos of Kaminay hit the air."

Regarding Kapoor’s look the source revealed, "Kapoor has a tanned look in the film. He has literally soaked himself in the sun for the bronze look. He has kept different haircut for the film too. Kapoor had gone in for functional training too. That has now given him a well chiseled body. But all this is a closely guarded secret."

Kapoor even abstained from attending the trial of Dostana when he learnt that the media was going to be present there.