Shakira ready to shake up Mumbai

MUMBAI: Columbian pop singer Shakira will perform in India for the first time on 25 March 2007 at the MMRDA grounds in Mumbai, and reports say the singing sensation is as eager as her fans about her performance in this country.

“You can’t imagine how much she is looking forward to going to India,” say reports, quoting sources close to Shakira. “With all the love and affection she has received from her Indian fans already, she’s making sure that in the future, they can get copies of her newest songs and CDs as soon as they’re released.”

While the stopover in India is part of Shakira’s “Oral Fixation” tour, the title hit song, “comes from the fact that I have always lived through my mouth,” says Shakira. “It is my biggest source of pleasure and my most accessible vehicle to discover and enjoy the world. I am fixated on the spoken word, the written word, the things I have said and the things I should never have said. This is the reason why I decided to name the album ‘Oral fixation’,” she adds.

In addition to hits as “Hips Don’t Lie”, “Don’t Bother” and “Illegal” from her “Oral Fixation” album, the Latino singing sensation will also perform her previous chart busters “Whenever Wherever”, “Underneath your clothes” and “Objection Tango”, accompanied by her hypnotising belly dancing moves, for her Indian fans.

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