Cops stall Kya Love Story.. shoot in S Africa

MUMBAI: Overseas shoots are not without their accompanying perils, as the Kya Love Story Hai unit discovered recently. It happened during the shoot of Gumsum Hai Dil Tera, the jingle-like song that was being shot in an open-air bus in Cape Town, South Africa.

Reports say the unit was shooting the song on the outskirts of the city and had not taken the requisite permission to shoot on the bus. As luck would have it, they were apprehended by patrolling cops, who disrupted the shoot for over an hour and even threatened to arrest the cast and crew present, besides threatening to levy a heavy fine.

However, the matter was sorted out amicably, says the film’s hero, Tusshar Kapoor, adding, “It was sorted out! And we didn’t have to bribe them either! We just bluffed our way through!”

Kya Love Story Hai releases worldwide on 20 April 2007 and is being distributed internationally by Studio 18.

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