Shanghai Fest kicks off anti piracy campaign


MUMBAI: The Motion Picture Association (MPA) and the China Film Copyright Protection Association (CFCPA) launched a nation-wide anti-piracy campaign at the the 10th Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF).

On the opening night of the fetival on 16 June 2007, the MPA distributied more than 40,000 posters featuring a message from Hong Kong movie star Jackie Chan: “Save the movies, say no to piracy!”

More than 100 movie stars and celebrities, including Chen Kun, Xia Yu, Huang Xiaoming and Hu Jun, took a stand against film piracy at the campaign launch in Shanghai, adding their handprints to an anti-piracy display bearing the slogan, “Hold out your hand to stop piracy.”

The posters will be displayed throughout China in Internet cafés, telecommunications business centers, DVD shops, movie theaters and on university campuses. The same message already appears on Beijing city buses traveling routes that travel past the city’s top universities and through the central business and embassy districts.