Shemaroo piracy raid helps nab four


MUMBAI: Four persons have been arrested and software valued in the market at Rs one million (Rs 10 lakh) seized during a raid conducted by the police and Shemaroo’s anti piracy wing at Dahisar in Mumbai recently.

According to a release, a police team comprising inspector Vasant Patil, Indulkar and Kumbhar raided some stalls near the Dahisar Police Station on 30 March 2007, a procedure which continued for over 24 hours.

It yielded 2500 DVDs and 1500 VCDs and 50 inlays, worth Rs one million (Rs 10 lakh) in the open market. Paapu Anwar Khan, Amit Kumar Mishra, Mukit Nizamudin Gobrdi and Afzal Abdul Shaikh, involved in the trading of the software, have been arrested.