Shemaroo releases Effects of Magic on DVD


Mumbai: Shemaroo Entertainment has released The Effects of Magic, an adventurous family drama, on home video. Directed by Charlie Martinez and Chuck Martinez, the film stars Kathy Bates, Melinda Dillon, Rebort Carradine and Jacobo Morales.

The story revolves around Roody, who runs a costume company with his slightly eccentric mother. He is the son of a great and absentee magician.His pet rabbit, the narrator of the story, however, decides it’s time Roody had a change of work. He gets Roody to entertain the little girl in the neighborhood with off-hand tricks he stores in the basement.The bunny then arranges for him to meet a young woman who could also use and alternate from the way her life has been going.

All plans suddenly come to a stand still when Roody’d father returnsfor the mysterious magic cabinet that used to be part of his act.

With all these twists in his life, Roody starts to ponder how magic can affect everyone. The Effects of Magic is a wonderfully written film and is bound to catch the attention of your child.