Shilpa Shetty in South Africa to woo Asians for IPL


MUMBAI: Being the owner of an IPL franchisee is not easy, as Shilpa Shetty is realizing. The actress, who has been in London for the past fortnight, is now headed for South Africa as part of a campaign to woo the Asian diaspora to come to the stadiums to watch the IPL matches.

Talking from London, Shetty said, “I will be going to South Africa to ensure that the stadiums are packed and for that I will be involved in a lot of promotional activities. The change in venue for the IPL has played havoc with my schedule. I thought since we would be playing in India, I told the producers of my film, Desire to have a schedule in Mumbai since the 30th. But now all that has gone for a toss. I now return on the 2 April and head straight for shooting.”

Shetty along with close friend Raj Kundra is part owner of the Rajasthan Royals.