Shilpa Shetty’s film and TV production house gains pace


    MUMBAI: Shilpa Shetty has become a full time business woman after she met her beau Raj Kundra. After launching her yoga dvd, her perfume S2, her Miss Bollywood musical, buying a stake in an IPL team, her spa business and now her eating joints in the UK, Shetty is concentrating on her production house.

    When listed out her business deals, Shetty looked bemused and said, "Have I really done all that? My God, it certainly looks a lot. But I have a lot of time in my hands and I come from a Shetty family, so I guess business has to be in my genes."

    But Shetty, who has just returned from London after tying up the restaurant deal, is eager to kickstart her production house. Shetty said, "I am looking at doing reality shows on television as well as making films. In fact for my first film, which is an out and out action thriller, I spoke to Bipasha Basu for the lead role. When it comes to action, there is nobody better than Bipasha with her toned body. I think she will be fantastic. Talks are on and I am keeping my fingers crossed."

    Shetty has no time to do films and the kind of roles coming her way are hardly worth discussing. So although Shetty is working on The Man currently, she has not signed any new film projects. Hardly had we finished talking, when a call came inquiring about the solar lamps. Shetty gushed, "We are trying to provide electricity via these lamps at the cheapest price possible so that we can light up as many people’s lives. With electricity not being available in most villages in India, this is a charity enterprise taken up by me and Raj."

    The roller coaster activity can tire out the best of people but it appears to have an energizing effect on Shetty. Perhaps, it’s all about being in love and being busy.