Shiney Ahuja, Kunal Shivdasani promote Hijack on Star Plus


Mumbai: Amul Star Voice of India seizes to be a music talent show this Friday, 29 August as director, Kunal Shivadasani and Bollywood actor Shiney Ahuja hijacks the show. They ask the hostages – the three judges, host Shaan and the 9 contestants to perform and entertain them if they want to get out of the sets alive.

Ahuja and Shivadasani make an appearance on Amul Star Voice of India to promote the upcoming movie Hijack. Besides their ambush tactics, Shivadasani also spoke about the movie and Ahuja took the opportunity to convey his heartfelt condolences to Ishmeet’s family on his untimely and unfortunate death. "I had heard him sing last year when I came on the show; a very talented and promising artist. I was completely shocked when I heard the news," said the actor.