Sholay Media Entertainment & Sippy Films


The notice published in complete cinema on 23rd May 2009 on behalf of the late Mr. Ajit G. Sippy has come to our notice. This notice, today, is issued by Sholay Media Entertainment Pvt Ltd. And Sippy Films Pvt. Ltd. In order to avoid mis-information and confusion in the minds of the public and in particular the film fraternity.

Sholay Media Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. Are the sole and exclusive owners of the well-known film Sholay, and Sippy Films Pvt. Ltd. Are likewise the sole owners of the remaining films of the Sippy Group.

The said owners have consistently protected their intellectual property rights. Our clients instituted Civil Suit (OS) No. 1892 of 2006 in the Delhi High Court against seven defendants including the late Mr. Ajit G. Sippy and were successful in restraining the defendants from using the title “Sholay” or character CS (OS) No. 1691 of 2008, against Mr. Ajit G. Sippy, Mrs. Mohini Sippy and Zee Telefilms Ltd. By ad interim ex parte order dated 22nd August 2008, which continues to be in force, the defendants have been restrained from broadcasting the film Sholay and certain other Sippy Group Films which are subject of the said pending matter.

Sholay Media and Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. And Sippy Films Pvt. Ltd. Continue to own and exercise all rights in films of the Sippy Group including the films referred to in the said wrong notice dated 23rd May 2009 and will proceed against any infringement of the same.

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