Western India Film Producers’ Association


Ref No: WIFPA/7-09/1143                July 6,2009

The Chairman
United Producers/Distributors Forum

Dear Sir,
    Re: News appeared in “Super Cinema” dated 4/07/2009 on Headline “WARNING”

We are surprised to note from your notice appeared in “Super Cinema” dated 4th July 2009 on headline “WARNING” to producers that they have adhere to the list short-listed by Core Committee Members in respect of the films being released.

In connection with the above, this is to point out that in our sight all members are equal to us and there is no question of big or small as all our respected members. Therefore, release dates of their pictures are important for them.

Further we have noted from the said notice that you will be taking disciplinary action ad also penalizing producers those who violate the dates. We wish to put on record that WIFPA is not a party to the decisions mentioned in the said notice as we were not a party to your one sided decision. Therefore our members adhering to the list published by you in respect of the release dates planned by you does not arise at all.

In view of the above, you are advised not to take any decision pertaining release of pictures of our members as you have no jurisdiction or authority on our members. Hope you will take our view in its true spirit to avoid any unpleasantness.