‘Shooting at Chandni Chowk was a unique experience since I was born there’ – Akshay Kumar


Chandni Chowk to China which is traveling all over the world, with premieres in New York and Toronto among other cities will hit the screens in India on 16 January.

The much awaited film also stars Deepika Padukone opposite Kumar. Kumar who’s also know as the new star of Bollywood, is visibly excited about the film.

In this interview he tells us more about the film.


Tell us a little about your character in Chandni Chowk To China.
I love my character. It’s so much like me. If I didn’t have to appear in public I would walk, talk and dress just like Sidhu. Come to think of it, Sidhu is a man I once was in Bangkok. The purpose of the journey is different but the drama is definitely the same. I have fought as many villains in this movie as I have in my career. While doing this movie I was in Kung Fu heaven.

How would you describe the movie CC2C?
CC2C is comedy, drama, dance and kung fu. It’s like chicken tikka and chow mein. If you don’t like flavor then there’s something wrong with yr taste buds. You will definitely enjoy the movie.

What do you have to say about Deepika’s comment on her being the female Akshay?
I hope she doesn’t beat me! She’s done a good job on the film and since I helped her a bit, I made sure she always comes out 2nd best to me. Because, women are good at picking up things they are quick, and I could not be outshined by the lady.

How was your experience with the kung fu master – Gordon Lui?

Unforgettable!! U know how fans react when they see Aamir Khan, how they run behind him. That’s how I see Gordon Liu. I have admired him, his martial arts since the beginning. He’s an honorable man. It was superb working with him.

On the sets he improved my Chinese and I improved his Hindi. But we ended up learning nothing!

How was your experience shooting at the Great Wall of China?
We had a fabulous experience shooting at the ancient legendary monument of the world. It was breathe taking, probably the high light of our shoot. This film just has legends and legendary things. It’s magical!!

How was your experience shooting at Chandni Chowk?
Shooting at Chandni Chowk was a unique experience. I was born there. I thought it was sheer madness to shoot there in the narrow gallis. Since I am an expert regarding the food available there, I treated the unit to the best delicacies there- Chandni Chowk’s parathe vali galli.

Tell us something about the action choreographer Dee Dee Ku.
Dee Dee Ku is a true Hong Kong character. He’s super quick. Whenever he would have crazy stunt ideas one couldn’t figure out if he was serious or joking. He’s incredible in his field. And I trusted him with my life. If I would have met him before, my life would be different. He’s worked on some of the best movies like; Kill Bill, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, and Matrix. It was very difficult to please him as far as the takes were concerned.

When he said Akshay the take is ok, that was a huge compliment coming from him.

You have also sung a song in the film…
Yes. My friend Bohemia who is the music director of the song helped me Rap in the song.