Shooting of foreign films in India simplified

MUMBAI: The government of India has simplified the procedure for shooting of movies by foreigners in India. The waiting period for clearing applications for shooting of foreign feature films in the country has been reduced to three weeks.

Minister of Information and Broadcasting and Parliamentary Affairs P R Dasmunsi said that if the film required shooting in sensitive areas of Jammu and Kashmir, North-Eastern India or border areas of the country, etc., the application will be considered for specific approval in consultation with the Ministry of Home Affairs. In such cases clearing of applications would require more time to process than the regular time frame of three weeks.

Further, if the issues dealt in the feature film relate to communal subjects, human rights, tribal, nuclear and defence related issues or any other issue dealt in the script considered provocative or sensitive from economic, social and / or political angle, permission would require prior consultation with Ministry of Home Affairs.

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